Who am I?

I'm a software engineer/data {something} and my work revolve around using machine learning (and more precisely deep learning) to solve practical problems.

You can call me a "Data scientist", a "Data engineer" or whatever that suits you. Truth is: These are too broad titles to be considered, if you hire me it's not for what title I have but for what I do.

So, what is it exactly you do?

I solve well defined data problems with machine learning approaches. I mainly use deep learning as a hammer to nail down most of the machine learning problems I face. As I was a software engineer for a long time you can ask me to use your data from pretty much any sources. I do not have an academic background, rather I have a "production/industry" mindset/approach when it comes to solving a challenge.

What can we expect from you?

I expect my client to have a clearly well defined goal when they come to ask for my services, this way we can clearly know if I meet your expectations or not. I would like to avoid "evasive" demands. For example:

The things I would like to avoid:

  • I have a lot of data I collected on my customers through years and I would like to know if that can help my business with any meaningful way?
  • I have some "big data" in my "data warehouse". Someone told me you could use "artificial intelligence" to help me understand why my ROI is decreasing these past 6 months.

The kind of questions I could help you with:

  • I'm developing a software to recognize species of pollinators insects and I would like you to help me with that
  • I'm trying to predict if people coming on my website will buy my product or not based on their behavior data I collected on that website
  • I have a lot of data I collected on my employees through years and I would like to know who has the most chances of leaving my company

My work is not limited to deal with the data only. It can range from creating a pipeline where I can fetch your data, integrate this pipeline in your workflow, develop and deploy an API for your other developers... up until having a program ready for production.

Don't hesitate to shoot me an email at tuatinigodard@gmail.com