Freelance services

Who am I?

I'm an MLOps and Software engineer.

My work includes pushing and scaling machine learning and deep learning algorithms in production but it's not limited to that.
I can write data pipelines from start to end, scale them on the cloud and make the life of your data scientists easier so that they do not have to worry about stuff that they are not specialized in.

I do not have an academic background, rather I have a "production/industry" mindset/approach when it comes to solving a problem where my focus is constantly asking myself "how does it serves/optimize the business?" rather than running after the latest hot piece of tech.
Kubeflow/Mlflow, Istio, Terraform, AWS... Are the services that I'm proficient with.

What can we expect from you?

I expect my client to have a clearly well defined goal when they come to ask for my services, this way we can clearly know if I meet your expectations or not. I would like to avoid "evasive" demands. For example:

The things I would like to avoid:

  • I have a lot of data I collected on my customers through years and I would like to know if that can help my business with any meaningful way?
  • I have some "big data" in my "data warehouse". Someone told me you could use "artificial intelligence" to help me understand why my ROI is decreasing these past 6 months.

The kind of questions I could help you with:

  • I'm developing a software to recognize species of pollinators insects and I would like you to help me with that
  • I'm trying to predict if people coming on my website will buy my product or not based on their behavior data I collected on that website
  • I have a lot of data I collected on my employees through years and I would like to know who has the most chances of leaving my company

My work is not limited to deal with the data only. It can range from creating a pipeline where I can fetch your data, integrate this pipeline in your workflow, develop and deploy an API for your other developers... up until having a program ready for production.

Don't hesitate to shoot me an email at [email protected]